Psychonauts 2 Fatherland Follies Collectibles Guide

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The final mind you enter in Psychonauts 2 will take you to Fatherland Foibles, a theme park ride that gives you a different look at the events you've been hearing about in Grulovia throughout the game. While this is your last brain location, there are still collectibles you can grab to squeeze out those last few Intern ranks to upgrade your powers for the game's finale. Here's where you can find everything secreted away in your theme park ride through Grulovian history.

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  • Nuggets of Wisdom: 3
  • Memory Vaults: 2
  • Emotional Baggage: Duffel Bag, Suitcase, Hat Box, Steamer Trunk, Purse
  • Half-a-Mind: 2
  • Figments: 98

You'll make your way through several different segments of Fatherland Follies, and it advances like a theme park ride, so make sure you grab everything you can from each section before opening the door in each one that lets you move on. You won't be able to backtrack through the level unless you re-enter it through the Brain Tumbler.

Duffle Bag Tag: Right after the ride stops for the first time, hop out of the cart and look behind the scenery with the Grulovians waving and singing. You'll see a round tower turret with a door in the back. Open it and you'll pass through a portal, emerging in another room where the Duffle Bag Tag is located. You can also break the gramophone you find here to stop that infernal song. (There are two more gramophones to find, and destroying all three will net you an Achievement.)

Duffle Bag Emotional Baggage: The Duffle Bag is also in this first section of the ride. Head up to the balcony scene where the Gzar's family is fleeing wearing their ridiculous crowns. Head toward the back of the room and check to one side, near the curtains, to find the Duffle Bag hidden beside a drop in the floor.

Hat Box Tag: Look for the scene of Gzar's family waiving in the first area of the ride. Get behind the props and you'll find that you can climb up using some trampolines. That'll take you up to an alcove that hides the Hatbox Tag.

Memory Vault: You should also find a big statue of Ford and Maligula in this section. Near Maligula's feet, look for a train track and follow it through a door behind her statue to reach the Memory Vault.

Hat Box Emotional Baggage: In this same room near the Maligula statue, look for a spot where you can wall-jump upward to reach a higher platform with the Hat Box.

Half-a-Mind: Look for a water wheel at one end of this scene, near where you first entered. Jump over to the platform beside it to find the Half-a-Mind.

Nugget of Wisdom: Move on to the second part of the ride. When you come to the next locked door, you'll find a treasure room on your right filled with Faberge eggs. On the right side of the room, among the eggs, is the Nugget of Wisdom.

Purse Tag: The main puzzle of this area is hidden in the scene where the family flees in exile through various locations. Avoid solving the puzzle until you're done finding the collectibles. First, set the background to the wintery scene and move the props and family around so that you can climb up into it to locate the Purse Tag behind the igloo wall.

Half-a-Mind: At this same scene, set up the desert background with a cactus and the family in the center to make yourself another path to climb into the background. When you get there, you'll find the Half-a-Mind waiting.

Purse Emotional Baggage: Check to the left of the bed in the scene where the Gzar is dying to find the Purse.

Suitcase Tag: This section of the ride also have a small graveyard. Check behind the tombstones to snag the Suitcase Tag.

Nugget of Wisdom: Back at the exile scene, you can advance through the puzzle if you set it to the ocean background and climb through the hole there. That'll take you into a representation of the Lady Lucktopus room you visited way back near the start of the game. As in the real-world version of the room, look for a poster on the wall you can burn down with Pyrokinesis to reveal a hidden area; follow it to the end to find the Nugget.

Memory Vault: The third section of the ride takes you back to the Whispering Rock camp. You can punch your way through some of the blocks to get into the cabins you find here. Inside one of them, you'll find the Memory Vault.

Nugget of Wisdom: Enter the other cabin to find your Nugget of Wisdom.

Steamer Trunk Tag: After you leave Whispering Rock, you'll get into a disjointed area that's behind the scenes of the ride. Continue on until you hit an area with a lot of Mental Connections, and you'll run into a memory scene with Dr. Lobato. Look for some Dark Thoughts that will connect you to a platform with the Steamer Trunk Tag.

Steamer Trunk: The same path that led you to the Steamer Trunk Tag and Dr. Loboto can also take you to the trunk itself. Use the Mental Connections and dodge the fans, looking for an offshoot path to one side with more Connections. Follow it to the end to find the Steamer Trunk.

Suitcase: You can't grab the Suitcase on your first pass through this level, so get ready to use the Brain Tumbler to come back. It's located on one of the shelves in the gift shop at the end; you'll likely see it during the cutscene, so make a mental note.

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