Kena: Bridge Of Spirits Delayed Again To September 21

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Developer Ember Lab has announced that the adventure game Kena: Bridge of Spirits has suffered another delay and now launches on September 21.

On the game's official Twitter account, Ember Lab said the studio has been "working extremely hard" on Kena: Bridge of Spirits but needs extra time to "polish the game across all platforms." The studio has made the decision to push the game out of its August 24 release because the additional time will be "critical to ensure the best experience possible," Ember Lab said in a statement.

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits was originally slated to launch on August 24. The game would've come out right around the same time as other big August titles like 12 Minutes (August 19), Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut (August 20), Psychonauts 2 (August 25), and No More Heroes 3 (August 27). Though not directly connected, Kena's delay does free up some space in August's hectic release schedule.

This marks Kena's third delay (similar to Riders Republic) and is just another tick on the long list of games that have been pushed back this year (largely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic).

Kena: Bridge of Spirits still launches on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. We had the opportunity to check out some behind-closed-doors gameplay and walked away impressed with the thematic underpinnings. In our preview, editor Phil Hornshaw said the mixture of game design and tropes "make the world of Kena a deep and fascinating one--and worthy of exploring further."

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